Instead of being a straight up hybrid, the upcoming Reebok Answer 4.5 serves as a true go-between, a natural update to the original Answer 4 with a story that isn't contrived.

The latest addition to the I3 Legacy Collection is essentially a reimagined Answer 4, built with an inner compression sleeve. According to WearTesters, the sleeve is inspired by the iconic shooting sleeve worn by Allen Iverson on the court for most of his caeer following difficulties with bursitis in his shooting elbow. Much like Rip Hamilton's protective mask, the sleeve was a part of Iverson's game day attire long after he was healed, becoming an essential part of a look that defined an era. WearTesters also reports that the shoe is described as playable by designer Craig Howard.

Last month, a hybrid model featuring elements of the first three Answer models also hit the web.

While official release dates haven't been announced, some retailers in Japan are expecting availability as early as this week. Keep it locked for updates on the stateside drop.