Over the past few years, sneaker brands have been doing their best to give customers a fair shot at some of the most coveted releases when they hit the web. Apps like Nike SNKRS and Adidas Confirmed have been met with mixed reviews, and, despite all of the efforts to stop them, bots have continued to find a way to scoop up many of the pairs, leaving potential buyers holding the dreaded "L." According to Yeezy Mafia, Adidas is set to launch a revamped procedure in the near future intended to combat this issue. 

In an effort to slow bots from copping all of the pairs the next time sneakers like a Kanye West or Pharrell collaboration drops, users will be asked to create a verified Adidas account that will use an SMS verification system before purchase. While this seems to be a positive re-tooling in theory, savvy resellers have found ways around these methods in the past, so it's implementation doesn't guarantee anything. However, adding another hurdle before getting to checkout could still help level the playing field on release day.

There is currently no official word from Adidas on when it will be implementing this new system. The brand has not responded to Sole Collector's request for comment. 

UPDATE (08/13): Following rumors of an updated online release system, Adidas took to Twitter to officially announce the changes today. It is currently only available in the U.S. and will be run through the Adidas app and adidas.com. Users will be able to pre-select their size ahead of each drop and will have a 15-minute window to completely check out if they are selected to purchase.