Though he's generally regarded as the greatest sneaker designer of all-time, Nike Vice President of Innovation Tinker Hatfield has one design he regrets from the iconic signature line. 

In a quick chat with TMZ, Hatfield singles out the Air Jordan 15 as his worst Air Jordan design, citing mental fatigue as the reason he didn't quite deliver up to his usual standard.

"It was toward the end of when I wanted to stop doing Jordans for a while at least," said Hatfield. "I just don't think I brought that baby home quite right." He continued, "All concepts are worthless if you don't follow through and execute and I think I was literally worn out at that point in time."

Hatfield took a hiatus from the Air Jordan line following the launch of the Jordan 15, returning to the helm in 2005 for the Air Jordan 20.

On a more positive note, Hatfield selected the Air Jordan 11 as his best design, saying it will always be number one to him due to the hurdles he had to go through to convince Nike to give him the green light.