On Sunday, French football (soccer) fans rejoiced as the country's national team captured its first World Cup since 1998 by defeating Croatia by a final score of 4-2. As has become fairly commonplace following a huge sports victory, some fans got a little carried away during their celebration. According to the Irish Mirror, 292 people were taken into custody across France following the team's win. One instance required riot police to be called to the Nike store on Champs Elysee—a major street in Paris.

The problem arose when large amounts of fans gathered at the store trying to purchase France's new shirts that feature two stars, signifying the country's two World Cup championships. The violence that ultimately ensued forced the store to push back the official release of the product to Tuesday. Prior to the turnout at Nike, Champs Elysee was closed to the public.

Although not all of the celebrations have included violent behavior, a Parisian police source told the Irish Mirror, "There have been scenes of absolute chaos that have spoiled the party."

Now, authorities remain prepped for the looming victory parade likely to kick off as soon as the team returns from Russia later today.