Breaking Down the Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo Design

The newest running silhouette from the Swoosh.


When taking a run there are a lot of factors that make for a successful outing, but at the top of every athlete's list has to be the sneaker they select. From your average jogger to sprinters and marathoners, the right sneaker can make all the difference in how the athlete feels and even how fast they recover. 

The Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo, the newest performance runner from the folks over at the Swoosh, incorporates some of the most advanced running technology derived directly from the feedback of elite marathoners. Comprised of elements from models like the Zoom Pegasus and VaporFly 4%, the new sneaker features a ZoomX cushioning system which boasts an 85 percent energy return, giving runners a more comfortable ride over longer distances. 

The Zoom Pegasus Turbo is comprised of three main features that make it a new and superior performance sneaker. "It's extremely lightweight and that is attributed to the ZoomX foam that adds no additional weight to the build of the sneaker," said Brett Holts, VP of Nike Running Footwear. 

That ZoomX foam sole not only keeps the sneaker lightweight, but actually helps to propel the runner forward and aid them in their run. "With that 85 percent energy return rate the foam actually compresses during the stride and then returns to full size, giving runners that extra bounce in their run," said Holts. 

Holts said that the wear, tear, and general fatigue that runners used to feel at mile 16, 17, 18 is now being felt at mile 20, 21, and 22 due to the comfort and protection provided by ZoomX. Removing the stress from their runs also aids in there recovery as it gets them out of the ice bath and onto the track quicker than ever before. 

Hover over the image below as Nike Running product line manager Brett Holts breaks down the technical aspects of the Zoom Pegasus Turbo.


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