Following LeBron James' recent decision to take his talents to Hollywood, purple figures to be an integral part of his sneaker story for the foreseeable future, but his latest purple-accented pair isn't a nod to the new home team.

In Vegas for summer workouts and checking out some youth hoop tournaments, James took to Instagram to share his footwear option for the evening–a pair of floral-embroidered Nike LeBron 15s dubbed "Purple Rain" by the man himself. The shoes also feature a white and black Battleknit upper, a metallic counter and what appears to be the word 'Breathe' repeated along the midsole.

The nickname references late music icon Prince, who released his album Purple Rain in 1984 and famously incorporated floral prints into his aesthetic.

As of now, there's no indication that this pair will be available at retail.

Nike LeBron 15 Purple Rain Medial
Image via LeBron James