Several pairs of shoes have been targeted in robberies as of late, perhaps none more priceless than the pair stolen from one European collector. Derbyshire police are currently investigating a home burglary, with one of the missing items being a pair of spikes worn by eight-time Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt

As reported by NBC Sports, the Puma spikes were worn by Bolt in the 100-meter heat during the 2012 London Olympic games. They're styled in a white, red, and blue colorway, which is pictured below. 

“The spikes are part of an extensive collection that I have built-up over the last 10 years,” the victim said. “There are only four or five pairs of spikes that have been signed from the London 2012 Olympics, they are absolutely irreplaceable.”

The good news is that a 35-year-old man connected with the theft has been charged, but the shoes have yet to be recovered. 

Image via Tim Clayton for Getty