While it's hard to top the Queens trio who stole a teen's Off-White x Air Jordan 1s and attempted to resell them before finding out the shoes were fake, there's another account of an absurd sneaker robbery coming out of Brooklyn.

Brownsville Patch reports that two men went to great lengths to steal cash, sneakers, and cell phones from a home. According to the report, it all started when they abducted a 58-year-old man from the intersection of Brownsville's Amboy and Newport streets (seen above) in broad daylight. 

The men allegedly threw their victim into the back of a van before driving to his home and forcing their way inside, where they presented themselves as police officers to two people who were home. From there, the thieves ransacked the house and stole $7,000 in cash, multiple pairs of sneakers, and phones before pistol whipping one of the residents.

Police are still searching for the men, who were last seen driving a grey van.