From his personal closet, bedroom closet, and storage unit filled with rare and exclusive sneakers, professional Nike skateboarder Paul Rodriguez has a lot of heat. 

Rodriguez joined host Joe La Puma on the most recent episode of Complex Closets. Some notable hits include collabs from names like Hiroshi Fujiwara of Fragment Design and even a pair designed by famous Nike designer Tinker Hatfield. He also pulls out his Futura x Nike Zoom P Rod 1 collaboration, giving a shoutout to ASAP Rocky for recently wearing the under-the-rader pair.

At the pinnacle of his collection, however, was a special pair made specifically for Michael Jordan, who signed P-Rod's signature silhouette and sent it back to Rodriguez. Bearing his signature and the message "to P-Rod, nice shoes," the size 13 kicks made for MJ hold a special place in the closet.

'This is probably the most precious memorabilia I have. It is everything to me because of what Michael Jordan means to me, and to everybody obviously, and for him to sign his name on a pair of shoes that are made for him but with my name on it, like there are too many crazy things about that scenario for me," Rodriguez said. "I don't put them on display, I keep them in the box in the closet here—they are priceless to me."

Check out the sneakers Michael sent to P-Rod and other exclusive kicks in the video above.