It would've been foolish to think Kanye West would drop a new album without mentioning Adidas and/or Nike, and he didn't disappoint on Ye

On track three, "All Mine," Kanye compares Nike's Dri-Fit gear to Adidas' Three Stripes logo in the most Kanye way possible.

"If you driving 'round in some Dri-Fit, I'ma think that you the type to dry snitch/If I see you pull up with the Three Stripes, I'ma fuck around and make you my bitch," he raps on the song's closing verse.

Unsurprisingly, the line had many talking on social media—even those who overlooked the Nike reference. Some are speculating the Adidas call-out is throwing shade at Drake, while others are reconsidering their brand allegiances.

See the best retorts below and find Ye on streaming services now.