Last month, Kanye West was accused by former Nike designer Tony Spackman of blatantly copying his sketch work. West avoided further issues by firing the person from his Yeezy design team who he alleges was responsible for presenting the work as their own, but now Mr. West is once again being accused of plagiarizing past works for his Yeezy label. 

Popular Instagram account @diet_prada, which is known for calling out copycats in the world of fashion, shed light on the alleged plagiarism by Ye and company. The post is claiming that the recently revealed lookbook for Yeezy Season 6 is ripping from a 2015 series of photos done by photographer Rita Minissi. When placed side-by-side, the resemblance is very clear with the models for each respective campaign in similar poses.

While it could be argued that Yeezus was simply using Minissi's work for inspiration, the examples are still a little too close for comfort. Maybe this was what Kanye was talking about when he tweeted, "feel free to take ideas and update them at your will."