While plenty of the NBA's top-tier talent packed the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California last night for the 2018 NBA Awards ceremony, Damian Lillard skipped the festivities to give back to the community. 

Last night, the Trail Blazers point guard took to the streets of Portland with a U-Haul truck filled with sneakers to give to the local youth. Dame announced the undertaking via his official Twitter account hours prior to hitting the streets. 

The meeting took place at Irving Park in Portland and drew a substantial crowd of kids eager to get their hands on a pair of the star player's sneakers. While Lillard said the shoes were for kids, his gesture to provide people some free kicks still provoked some jealousy from the older crowd as well. 

As you can imagine, the 50 pairs he brought with him were handed out rather quickly. After his stock was depleted, Lillard spent some extra time with his fans signing autographs as a consolation though. 

Another tidbit that adds to how impressive Lillard's impromptu giveaway was, he even drove the shoe-filled U-Haul to the park himself.