The Adidas P.O.D. System is a new model from the Originals category that takes design cues from technical runners in the brand’s ’90s catalog, without being a pure retro. 

“The archive, the way we see it, is not a museum. Museum means dead—it’s not. It’s inspiration and a resource,” explained Originals’ VP of product and footwear, Morgan Boeri. 

In exploring the archive, the brand noted the long-forgotten Equipment Running Cushion 2 and its three-dimensional tooling, and recognized an opportunity to modernize the concept and bring a new visual language to Boost

Now, 18 months after the project began, the Adidas P.O.D. System is finally set to launch. Ahead of the global release this Saturday, June 16, we are taking a closer look at the new lifestyle runner. 

Hover over the dots as Boeri breaks down the three key components of this new lifestyle runner.