Sneakers have once again found their way into the Judge Judy courtroom after yesterday's episode featuring an alleged wholesale scam for $8,800 worth of Off-White x Air Jordan 1s.

In the clip above, Judy attempts to make sense of a complicated case involving a Dallas woman who says she purchased over a dozen pairs off the Virgil Abloh collaboration from a wholesaler with intentions to resell the shoes. The woman, identified as Meadow Jones, claims she sent the defendant $8,800 for 14 pairs of the sneakers in November. 

Meanwhile, the seller argues he only received $6,500 after agreeing to sell 16 units—no explanation is provided for the discrepancies, so don't spend too much time analyzing that part. The root of the problem arose when Jones received the packages, which she says were filled with nothing but paper.

Although she says she already had customers lined up to buy the shoes, the plan to flip the kicks was thwarted due to the alleged empty shipment. 

There are a number of red flags in the seller's story, including claims of early access to sneakers, the price per pair being so far below market value, and citing a store he calls "Flight Kicks" as his source.

After looking into the details, Judy makes a swift $5,000 ruling, but we won't spoil the ending. Press play on the video above to find out what happened.