In the realm of sock-like shoes, few brands have been as on the nose as Reebok, whose collaborations with Vetements have literally amounted to socks atop traditional sneaker midsoles. That concept will be continued this month with the introduction of the brand's Sock Run.r model.

The Sock Run.r places a technical knit upper with upside-down text reading "not for resale RBK sample" on top of a split-cushioned midsole, the same setup used on the aforementioned Vetements makeup.

According to Reebok, this midsole was pulled from a 1996 Pump Evo prototype which was left on the cutting room floor. It uses a deconstructed segmented design that would've been far ahead of its time in the mid-'90s, but fits in well with contemporary trends.

The Reebok Sock Run.r will debut on Friday, May 11 for $250 exclusively from Barneys followed by a wider release at select retailers on Friday, May 18.

Reebok Sock Run.r
Image via Reebok