Few teams pack star power like the defending world champion Golden State Warriors, and with that notoriety comes a seemingly endless amount of sneaker options for the team's most visible players. Not only do the Warriors have three signature athletes in Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson, but also several role players who receive special make-ups from their respective brands. With so many players who are particular about what they're wearing on the court, keeping up with the footwear is a tall order, but Equipment Manager Eric Housen has had a handle on things for nearly 20 years.

Coiski Media's George Kiel III recently visited the Warriors' practice facility, where some of the team's massive sneaker collection is stored. According to Housen, thousands of pairs come through during a typical season and are stored in the home arena, practice facility, airport storage and a separate warehouse. When the team hits the road, Housen carries up to 10 large duffle-style shoe bags, with no fewer than 16 different options for players like Curry and Durant.

"Both have tons of different colorways, and as far as their marketing program goes, they're slated to wear those shoes on any given night," said Housen. "And I'm always afraid that when a new pair comes in, I'm going to forget them. So if I put them in their bag, I know they're there."

Housen, who has worked with the Warriors since becoming a ballboy in 1986, also details sneaker preferences and details for notable players, including the unconventional way Nick "Swaggy P" Young wears his shoes. Watch the full tour above.

Nick Young Adidas Pro Model Still Swaggy PE
Image via Coiski Media