With Nike still reeling after the departure of multiple high-ranking execs and talks of company culture issues, details are emerging on another significant yet unrelated shakeup.

The latest move to hit the news occurred in Nike Inc.'s Converse division. According to Bloomberg, former Converse chief marketing officer Julien Cahn resigned from the company in February to take on a marketing position at Supreme. Once a senior marketing director at Nike, Cahn was promoted to his position at Converse in 2016.

While details on the move are limited, it's noted that Cahn's resignation was not connected to Nike's ongoing workplace behavior investigations.

Cahn has been replaced by Sophie Bambuck, who most recently held the role of senior brand director at Nike Sportswear in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and has been with the company since 2008. According to her LinkedIn page, Bambuck worked on notable projects including Skepta's first collaboration, the relaunch of the Air Max 97 in Europe, and the brand's "Force is Female" campaign, among others.