With the 2018 NBA Playoffs kicking off this weekend, it was only right that "LaVar Ball" returned to Saturday Night Live to recap his son Lonzo's rookie campaign. Although Lonzo's Los Angeles Lakers were not able to make it to the playoffs, LaVar is still singing his son's praises. 

"LaVar" brags about his son's 1,000,000 points and 100 assists per game, and his 500 touchdowns on the season. Of course, these stats are slightly inflated considering in reality Zo only racked up 10 PPG (and you can't score a touchdown in the sport of basketball), but we will give the Big Baller Brand founder a pass. His son's season was not the only thing "LaVar" discussed. He also talked about building up his Junior Basketball League and even revealed the perfect summer footwear for Big Ballers all around the world. 

The "best businessman in the world," played by Kenan Thompson, gave viewers a first look at the ZoTeva sandal. At the low price of only $500, the ZoTeva is a lightweight option with a back heel strap that will, "leave your heel raw as hell" and purple and gold branding. For a better look at the the new BBB model, check out the entire sketch above.