Though the world has come a long way in its reluctant but gradual decriminalization (and occasional legalization) of cannabis, not everyone is ready to roll the dice on how chill el jefe is. Still, just as with the case with the LGBT movement, more people than ever are out of the closet with their cannabis habits.

With the unofficial, but internationally celebrated stoner holiday of 4/20 upon us, what better time and way to show appreciation for the humble plant than with some bud-themed footwear?

As there's a cornucopia of styles to choose from, from subtle nods to the slapped-in-the-face-by-pot-leaves prints, we were going to need some help to sift through all the stoner sneaks options out there.

Who better to weigh in than one of the elder statesmen of pot comedy, Cheech Marin. Not just still smoking after all these years, Marin is also a renowned art collector who’s amassed a stunning and massive collection of Chicano art over the decades. It would be hard to find anyone else more qualified to delve into the aesthetics of pot-themed sneakers.

Here are his takes on the shoes: