Earlier this season, some critics suggested that the Portland Trail Blazers would be better off without Dame Lillard. Now, the team is riding a 12-game win streak and is currently seeded third in the tough Western Conference. Once again, when things appeared to be hitting a low point in Rip City, the clock struck Dame Time and the MVP candidate is proving why he's one of the game's best.

Never questioning Lillard's ability is his legion of loyal fans, many of which have taken advantage of his latest signature sneaker's availability on miAdidas. The customization platform allows users to design a personalized Adidas Dame 4, choosing from a variety of color and material options, along with the ability to select a unique lace jewel and add custom text.

By the look of things, this may be Lillard's most popular signature sneaker to date. There's an endless amount of miAdidas designs shared on Instagram and the concepts are more creative than ever. Sorting through them all wasn't easy, but we've rounded up the 50 best pairs for you below.

To create a Dame Lillard 4 of your own, the design option is still live for $140 each at adidas.com.