Well-known sneaker customizer Mache has brought the infamous "Assassins" sneaker to life, coveted by Homer Simpson in a popular episode of The Simpsons.

The canvas for this special pair is none other than the OG "dad shoe," the Nike Air Monarch. Previewed by Mache on his Instagram page, the pair is a spot-on recreation of the animated sneakers worn by Homer and Ned Flanders. Red accents from the animated pair have been drawn on the Monarch's chunky upper along with two black "velcro straps," a yellow tongue, and the signature yellow "Assassin" stripe that hides the Swoosh branding on the side panel. Unfortunately, Mache wasn't able to recreate all of the bells and whistles of the original like its water pump in the tongue, built-in pedometer, reflective sidewalls, or heel license plates. 

The "Assassins" originally appeared on the feet of Homer during a Season 2 episode titled "Bart's Dog Gets an F" before they are destroyed by his dog Santa's Little Helper. In typical fashion, he sees his favorite neighbor, Ned Flanders, in a pair of his own later in the episode after his were already torched. Check out the clip from the iconic animated series below.