Polish artist Filip Pagowski, who notably created the Comme des Garçons Play heart, has created reinterpretations for the logos of all 30 NBA teams. The logos are all set to release as designs on white T-shirts that will be available exclusively through the Nike Connected NBA Jerseys.

For each new design, Pagowski crafted a new logo in his unique illustrative style using inspiration from each team's city, mascot, and name.

"The idea behind the project was not to replicate the original or the official logos of each team, but rather come up with something that portrayed the team or the place they are coming from, or both, and to have it done in some fun way,” said Pagowski in an official press release from Nike.

All 30 designs will launch through Nike NBA Connected jerseys on March 19 with another launch coming on March 21 through the Nike App. Check out the designs for every team below.