Nipsey Hussle recently made an appearance on Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club morning show to discuss his Victory Lap LP. Along with talk about the album, the Los Angeles rapper was also asked about the recent controversy surrounding an unauthorized Reebok collaboration that was linked to him. 

"I don't wanna go too far into detail with the other thing because it's something we're going to pursue," said Hussle. "It wasn't authorized." 

The pair in question is a blue Reebok Classic Nylon with L.A. gang culture references. Certain details on the pair even alluded to the Crips specifically, a point Hussle also touched on during the interview. "That's some gang shit. You don't put 'Rich Rollin' on no shoe. You gotta pay thousands of people. There's n****s doing life in jail," he said. "You gotta be careful with that. I woulda told the designers no bro. Stay clear of that." It's also worth noting that Reebok also released a red Reebok Classic Nylon in collaboration with rapper YG which also includes gang-related references. 

Aside from the controversial inspiration, the unauthorized Nipsey Hussle sneaker is also an issue due to the rapper's current endorsement deal with Puma. For the whole interview, check out the video above—the conversation around the sneakers begins at the 28:00 mark. 

Reebok Classic Nylon CN4521 (Heel)
Image via Sneaker News