In December, Vince Carter told us that he's been asking Nike to re-release his Shox signature sneakers, but says they've yet to move forward with plans for retros. So, as his legendary career winds down, the high-flyer is taking matters into his own hands, occasionally hitting the court in vintage pairs from his personal collection. With the Oklahoma City Thunder in town last night, Carter went all the way back to 2004, lacing up the Nike Shox VC4. It was exciting to them in action again, until the old shoes did what old shoes do.

During the game, while he was playing defense, the left sole of Carter's Shox VC4 detached from the upper, prompting the analyst to make a 'flat tire' reference. He finished the game in the "BHM" colorway of a current Nike performance model, the Air Max Dominate. 

Earlier this year, Nike reintroduced its Shox technology, adding a reworked version to the Shox Gravity.