One of the individuals leading Jordan Brand into its new era, Frank Cooke is hinting that a deconstructed version of the Air Jordan 3 could be on the way.

Cooke shared this image on Instagram earlier today, showcasing a stripped down version of the model that's noticeably missing some of the Jordan 3's most prominent features. This isn't simply a "Cyber Monday" and "True Blue" mash-up, but a reimagination in all-leather with deconstructed elements.

There is no explicit indication that the deconstructed Jordan 3 is on its way to retail, but it's possible that this silhouette is tied to the leaked information regarding an "SE" edition of model that surfaced in 2017. Additionally, Cooker offered the following caption.

"When legendary staples are rich in authenticity, there is no need for influential input... but we can never dismiss the obligation to take the former narratives into a new space."

So, while All-Star Weekend has been a celebration of the Jordan 3 as we've always known it, expect to see the classic evolve in the future.

Air Jordan 3 Deconstructed Black/Blue