Remember when the father of "Big Ballers" everywhere, LaVar Ball, said he sent Donald Trump three pairs of BBB ZO2 sneakers? Well, he wasn't kidding. In the latest episode of the Ball family's Facebook reality series Ball In The Family, LaVar is seen prepping the box of shoes for 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. 

This gesture came after Trump decided to fire off some angry tweets at the Ball family following middle son LiAngelo's shoplifting incident in China late last year, which led to a war of words (and this priceless GIF). In the clip, LaVar is seen fumbling with some scotch tape as he prepares to seal up the package for delivery. "Trump, I told ya I was sending them shoes to ya. Pennsylvania 1600," LaVar says. "Better get them shoes to Trump. It will allow him to be a real Big Baller."

When asked how he knew the proper size to send him, LaVar took a little jab of his own saying that he sent him a size 10 because of his small hands. In all honesty, it's quite the comical clip.

You can check out the entire episode of Ball In The Family above. If you are only curious about this particular segment, skip to around the 14:35 mark.