As a Nike basketball signature athlete, the pressure to have a visually appealing and technologically superior shoe is major, not to mention the stress to compete with other signature athletes like Kevin Durant and LeBron James.

For Oklahoma City Thunder small forward Paul George, the jury is still out on whether he and the Swoosh have hit the mark on a lasting sneaker line.

Between strong technical advancements and aesthetically pleasing designs, the PG2 is looking to build off its predecessor, the PG1. A similar silhouette to the first iteration comes along with some advancements and a design modifications that show a true reflection of George as both a dynamic athlete and a normal, family-oriented, video game player from Palmdale, California.

“The whole story behind the two is who are the people that made Paul who he is. He comes from the super small town of Palmdale and he has risen to be this superstar but he is still this humble guy from a small town,”  Nike designer Tony Hardman told Sole Collector about the inspiration behind the shoe’s design.

Here, Hardman breaks down the key elements of the sequel to Paul George's debut signature sneaker. Hover over the dots to see what the designer had to say. The "Playstation" PG2 will release in limited quantities on Feb. 10.