The Nike Air Force 1 and Air Jordan 1 have gone through many iterations over the years, the latest being the Air Jordan 1 "Flyknit" and the Air Force 1 "Special Field."  This time, Nike plans to reimagine them once again, exclusively for women. 

A group of 14 Nike designersMarie Crow, Magnhild Disington, Jacqueline Schoeffel, Chiyo Takahashi, Shamees Aden, Reba Brammer, Melusine Dieudonne, Jin Hong, Angela Martin, Kara Nykreim, Marie Odinot, Louisa Page, Jesi Small, and Georgina James—were given two weeks to create all-new versions of the Nike classics. Designs began to formulate, which included 5 distinct personas: Explorer, Lover, Sage, Rebel, and Jester.

The team explored a bevy of colorways and materials to compliment the shoes, eventually deciding to highlight each silhouette by choosing a clean white colorway, providing a blank canvas. The end result is 10 new sneakers: AF1/AJ1 Explorer XX, AF1/AJ1 Lover XX, AF1/AJ1 Sage XX, AF1/AJ1 Rebel XX, and AF1/AJ1 Jester XX. 

All 10 sneakers will release on February 7, 2018, on Nike SNKRS. You can check out the entire story here with images of all 10 sneakers.