Skate brand Diamond Supply Co. and Puma are joining forces for a brand new collection of footwear and apparel. The new offering will be split into two separate drops. The first drop will take place on Jan. 27 and include Puma classics, the Clyde and Suede, and Diamond Supply's signature color scheme. The second drop will take place this summer on June 9 and consist of the new Clyde Sock Lo model and slip-on, zip-up Abyss.

Ahead of the release, Complex sat down with Diamond Supply founder Nicky Diamonds for an exclusive interview to discuss his latest project and the future of streetwear.  Here are some highlights from the conversation:  

How does it feel to have the collaboration with Puma? 
I love it. The shoes I made, I wear them any more than any other shoes I’ve done stuff with. I love the Suedes, they’re super fresh.

You used to skate in Pumas in the '90s at EMB in San Francisco. Tell me about your connection with the brand.
We were first approached, I was immediately excited. I’ve been into sneakers forever. I’ve been collecting since the early ‘90s. Jordans and shit in the ‘80s. But in the ‘90s, the actual first shoe I started to collect was the Puma Clyde. I skated in the Clyde. A lot of my friends skated in the Clyde. It was the go-to shoe. I started to get special color ways from my friend Paul Shier in England. I would hit him up, and he would go to stores in England and buy me colors I couldn’t get in San Francisco. I had this crazy collection of Pumas. From there, I started collecting other stuff: Nikes, Jordans, and all that. But how I really got into sneakers was that shoe.

How does it feel to see the Diamond Blue on a sneaker that you have such a history with?
I love that color way. I feel like we’re the first ones to do that on a shoe, when we did a collaboration with Nike in 2005. We adopted that as our thing. There are other shoes in the line that aren’t that color, but we’re gonna continue to do that color and put hints of that color in the line. We’ll still have black shoes, white shoes.

Check out the entire interview here.

Diamond Supply Puma Suede 2
Image via Puma
Diamond Supply Puma Sky II Lo 'Black'
Image via Puma
Diamond Supply Puma Sky II Lo 'White'
Image via Puma
Diamond Supply Puma Clyde
Image via Puma
Diamond Supply Puma Suede 'Pink'
Image via Puma