This past Saturday night, Kevin Durant had a brief lapse in judgment before the game even tipped off. During shootaround, KD decided to smack a ball high up into the air like a volleyball. Unfortunately, when it made its way back down to earth it struck a fan directly in the face. 

The fan, 75-year old Joseph Franzia, needed medical attention and Durant immediately ran over to apologize for his mistake. Franzia ended up being just fine, but getting caught in the line of fire led to him getting a pretty nice apology gift after the game. Following the Warriors' 109-105 victory over the Boston Celtics, Durant invited Franzia back to the locker room and gave him a signed pair of his game worn, size 18 KD 10s for his trouble. 

If the Franzia name looks familiar, that's because it is widely seen on boxed wineJoseph Franzia is a member of the Franzia wine family. And in response to KD's apology, Franzia invited Durant to his vineyard for a glass of wine, indicating that there was a happy ending to the unfortunate incident.