While the stories haven't all been negative, the "Win Like 96" Air Jordan 11 has helped carry on an unfortunate tradition of violence and theft that seems to surround each yearly AJ11 launch. Things got even worse this past Monday when a 17-year-old was reportedly killed for his pair just four days after acquiring them as an early Christmas gift.

According to the Washington Post, James Anthony Smith was shot on a basketball court at Frederick Douglass Community Center and was found, shoeless, a block away, leading police to believe it was a robbery. Smith later died at a hospital. 

His mother, Benita Smith, told the Washington Post that “He loved his red shoes. He loved basketball. He loved his computer games. . . . I can’t believe he was killed, all over a pair of shoes.”

This incident follows multiple reports of robberies, as well as gunshots, surrounding the release of the model.