Sixteen-year old Seattle native Cyris Silva was robbed trying to sell his pair of the Air Jordan 11 "Win Like '96" this past Sunday. 

Silva arranged for a local meet-up for his pair of new Air Jordans that he had posted on the buy/sell app OfferUp. According to local Seattle news station Q13 Fox, Cyris was expecting to exchange his pair for $315. In a video posted by Q13 Fox, filmed by Cyris' mother Janice, he approached the men he would be selling to in their lime green Dodge Charger. Rather than being handed the agreed-upon total, he was instead given $30, and the car quickly drove off.

The report says that the 16-year old had used the app prior to this incident with no issues. Despite meeting in a public area, the men still were able to get away with the pair.

"I just went with my feeling like OK I’m going to go get this money, but I didn’t think of consequences of the setting or why they’re like staying in the car, it’s just things to look out for next time,” Cyris told Q13 Fox.

This is yet another example of why you need to take full precautions when partaking in local transactions. Thankfully, this scenario did not lead to any type of violence. Local authorities are still searching for the robbers.