An early release of Round Two owner Sean Wotherspoon's highly-anticipated Nike Air Max 97/1 hybrid had to be shut down in Richmond, Va. this past weekend. The release was scheduled to be held at local clothing boutique Need Supply Co.

According to a local news outlet in Richmond, CBS 6, police were forced to shut down the planned release event after the large crowd had become uncontrollable. The launch was scheduled to take place at 10 a.m. this morning.

Why did a small store in Virginia get the privilege of being one of the first to release this special sneaker? Wotherspoon is a Virginia native, and Round Two's original location is in Richmond as well. According to CBS 6's report, the shop had hired two officers to control the crowd at the drop, but 25 more had to be called in an attempt to handle the gigantic turnout. Police say nearly 500 people were in attendance.

Despite this botched release, Wotherspoon still left some stray pairs around the city recently, and has been giving out pairs around Los Angeles out of a van. The shoe's wider release is still slated for March 2018 for $160.


Richmond VA is a beautiful place! Go explore and find some pairs of my Air Max 97/1’s that I left behind!

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