Though most brands and retailers have implemented online and app-based availability into sneaker launches, many still head out on Saturday morning to line up for a traditional hand-to-hand purchase. Unfortunately, because certain pairs are produced in limited quantity and resale values are sky high, lineups occasionally turn violent and lead 

That was apparently the case last week, when a video of a brawl over a Pharrell x Adidas NMD Hu launch at Concepts went viral. No major injuries were reported, but it was another sad case of people putting their hands on each other over sneakers.

On the latest episode of Full Size Run, the crew discussed whether or not brands are at fault for continued sneaker violence. Complex Sneakers' Matt Welty believes brands are feeding into the hype machine a bit too much.

"People realize the resale game and hype game has gotten to an unforeseen level at this point," said Welty. "But at the same time, the brands are trying to play into that."

Sole Collector's Brendan Dunne disagrees, saying that physical retail locations have not yet adapted to the current launch environment.

"I think they just mishandle these things," said Dunne "For this Concepts thing, and a lot of the New York City releases, they were first come, first serve. This stuff is at such a fever pitch now that you have to have a more organized way than just telling kids to line up in front of a store."

Rich "MaZe" Lopez believes there's more finger pointing taking place than actually finding solutions.

"It's a both sides argument, basically," said Lopez. "It's the brand's fault. No, it's the collaborator's fault. No, it's the retailer's fault. No, it's the kids' fault. No, it's the resellers' fault. It's everybody's fault. There's a lot of fault to go around."

While Lopez and Dunne don't think producing more pairs of sneakers is the solution, Welty offered an opposing take.

"If you center your energy in a brand almost around one release that's under 1,000 pairs of sneakers, you're asking for your sh*t to get f*cking smashed," he said. 

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