Your Favorite Sneakers Get Ruined on Our New Game Show

Get ready to 'Price the Hype.'


Have you ever wanted to see sneakerheads' holy grails get completely destroyed as a consequence to coming up short on a sneaker-themed game show? Of course you have, so Sole Collector created Price the Hype, a new series that will put enthusiasts through the wringer in an effort to keep their kicks safe.

The show is broken down into three rounds: a guessing game based on resell value, Save Your Sole and the Final Flex. Contestants have the opportunity to win some of the most expensive sneakers on the resell market, but if their knowledge is lacking, they may see those same sneakers destroyed by foods, liquids, tools, makeup and just about anything else we can think of. Gone are the days of just being a money-making hypebeast—you now have to know your stuff.

Rich "MaZe" Lopez and Sindia Duverge handle hosting duties for Price the Hype, which can be viewed above.

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