Nike's new NBA jerseys have been highly anticipated since it was originally announced that the Swoosh would be taking over Adidas' duties as the league's official uniform provider for this upcoming season. Well, it looks like there is already some questions that need to be answered about the durability of the new uniforms.

During a pre-season game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Minnesota Timberwolves this past Saturday, Lakers' point guard Tyler Ennis got his jersey torn right off of his back while running on a fast break. The hilarious wardrobe malfunction occurred when Timberwolves' guard Aaron Brooks grabbed on to the back of Ennis' jersey. The quick grab led to the "0" of Ennis' jersey number "10" to be ripped completely off. A positive from the situationa lucky fan got a special souvenir when Ennis tossed the jersey into the crowd.

This could just be a fluke, but it is rather poor timing given that this was one of the first games in which the players were wearing the new jerseys. Hopefully this doesn't become a recurring theme throughout the season, or Nike is going to have some explaining to do .