An NBA superstar with a blossoming rap career, Damian Lillard just joined the select group of athletes with at least four signature sneakers. The Bounce-equipped Adidas Dame 4 launched this weekend in the Blazers-inspired "Rip City" colorway. Before the release, the Full Size Run crew had a chance to sit down with the shoe's designer, Jesse Rademacher.

According to Rademacher, Lillard is heavily involved in the design process, made even more convenient by being located in Portland. Sneakerheads will immediately notice the absence of Boost cushioning, a choice Rademacher says was made in part to keep the shoe affordable for kids.

"So, Damian is super connected to the culture and community," said Rademacher. "And he knows by the time we put Boost into a shoe, it's going to drive the price up. We try to keep it down. We have a minimum price point that we can actually bring it to market and still make a little bit of money off each shoe. But, Dame wants to make sure his shoes are accessible to everybody."

Rademacher also breaks down how Bounce helps Lillard on the court, the sneaker's materials and hidden details in the video above.

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