Thus far, justification for Big Baller Brand charging $400 - $500 dollars for its sneakers is a feel good story about an independently owned family business with hopes of shaking up the industry as we know it. However, as more of the products' origin is revealed, the 'independent' nature of the brand's existence is coming into question.

This past week, the brand unveiled the ZO2 Prime Remix, an update to Lonzo Ball's first signature sneaker. Interestingly, the shoe's feature the name of a potential design partner, Santa Ana, along the upper. It's been rumored that Big Baller Brand is working with a company derived from BrandBlack, an affiliate of your mom's favorite sneaker brand Skechers. It's possible that Santa Ana is the name of the company in question. All of this in addition to the fact that both Lonzo and LaMelo's signature models borrow heavily from existing BrandBlack sneakers.

With these bits of information in mind, the Full Size Run crew of Rich "MaZe" Lopez, Brendan "Magnum P.I." Dunne and Complex's Matt Welty discussed whether or not the Big Baller Brand backstory is falling apart on the latest episode.

"If this happens to be true, how can anyone justify a $500 price point for a sneaker company that clearly is made to undercut all the brands who charge normal retail prices?" asks Welty.

Lopez, an admitted Big Baller Stan, is willing to concede a bit of his position if there's any fire from this smoke.

"If everything you [Welty] just jumped out the window and said is correct, there's no way you can justify a $500 Skechers sneaker," said Lopez.

The boys also remember sneaker media legend Gary Warnett, look ahead to the rumored 2018 "Concord" Air Jordan 11 Retro, analyze Adidas' involvement in the college basketball corruption case and more in the video above. Watch the full unedited version of the show over at Facebook and be sure you're subscribed to Full Size Run on iTunes for weekly audio.