Through the first 8 months of this year, Adidas has seen a 35 percent boost in sales and expects double-digit growth by 2020. The brand's current outlook, a complete turnaround from where it was three years ago, can be partially attributed to the arrival of President of Adidas North America Mark King. Recently, King sat down with Oregon Live to discuss Adidas' hot streak.

In addition to comments made on the success Adidas is having at cash registers, King pointed out another area in which the brand is growing—new applicants. A sign that the past few years haven't been a fluke or some kind of fad, more creatives are seeking work with Adidas today than ever before.

"We’ve created a very cool place to work. A lot of that comes with success," said King. "We think we’ve done really a great job of creating an environment where people want to come. The company has received 330,000 job applications since Jan. 1. That’s just the U.S. So people want to be part of Adidas."

Last month, it was revealed that Adidas has surpassed Jordan Brand as the number two footwear brand in the United States. Doors to its largest flagship store opened in Chicago last week.

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