The painful childhood trip to Payless to purchase new sneakers is a relatable tale to adult collectors. In the latest episode of Sneaker Shopping, which features WWE trio The New Day, wrestler Kofi Kingston remembers how one of those trips ended in embarrassment for him.

Kingston secured a pair sneakers that looked like Larry Johnson's Converse Aero Jam from Payless as a youth, which were at first celebrated and then derided by his peers.

"I'm walking around, everyone's like, talking about these awesome shoes I have on my feet," Kingston recounts, "and then lunchtime came around and people got a closer look. We used to call 'em—no-name brand shoes, we used to call 'em 'bobos.'"

At lunchtime he was called out for his bobos, an episode that prompted him to throw the imitation Converse away when he got home.

Watch Kingston, the rest of New Day, and surprise guest Wale talk sneakers in the video above.