With access to everything Nike has to offer, it's not often that LeBron James has his head turned by another player's sneakers. However, that's exactly what happened during the 2015-16 season, when Jared Cunningham landed a spot on the Cleveland Cavaliers' roster.

In the new Coiski series iCollect, George Kiel III gives us a look at Cunningham's massive sneaker collection, which includes a ridiculous amount of original Nike LeBrons. Pulling out the Zoom LeBron III in white and navy, Cunningham remembers wearing the shoes the day he met James.

"This white and blue colorway. They're very comfortable to play in. I wore these and he was like, 'Yo Cunningham, those is dope,'" he recalls. "I was all smiling, I was like alright, cool, he's noticing my kick game, so I'm going to have to bring some more. Ever since then, we've been cool and I talk to him on the regular."

Even with a shortened season, Cunningham thoroughly impressed with his games shoes that season. He finished fourth overall in our end of year #SoleWatch Power Rankings and could have made a run for the top spot with more court time. The former Oregon State standout currently plays for Bundesliga's Bayern Munich.