The endlessly entertaining world of sneaker YouTube has offered up another strange delight in the form of the Air Jordan 3-inspired custom car in the video above. The vehicle belongs to Rashed Belhasa, a.k.a. "Money Kicks," the Emirati teen and heir to billions who pals around with the likes of DJ Khaled and Fat Joe.

Speaking of Khaled, the Miami producer gave Belhasa a pair of his "Grateful" (Greatful?) Air Jordan 3 exclusives in a fairly awkward episode on the Money Kicks YouTube account enthusiastically titled "DJ KHALED GAVE HIS JORDANS !!!" That shoe inspires this car, which has the same colorway and elephant print details.

This is not the first time Belhasa has so tastefully brought together the worlds of limited footwear and luxury vehicles: He also made a Yeezy Boost Escalade.