A shopper on Adidas' website was confronted with an unexpected image while trying to buy a pair of sneakers last week. Twitter user @Kid_Grusum posted a screenshot on Friday, Sept. 22, from adidas.com that includes a Nazi flag.

The unfortunate image appeared during the checkout process, where Adidas uses a Google service called ReCaptcha to ensure that human customers and not automated bots are the ones buying sneakers. The service asks users to identify images matching a certain label, pulling tagged images associated with keywords from a database.

Adidas Nazi Flag
Image via Twitter

When reached for comment, an Adidas spokesperson told Sole Collector that the brand is in talks with Google to make sure this particular image doesn't appear on its site again.

"We sincerely apologize," a spokesperson said. "We stand for equality and inclusion and denounce any symbols that contradict those values."