Los Angeles police are investigating a robbery in the city of Torrance after around $1 million worth of sneakers were stolen from a semi-truck at a warehouse.

According to ABC 10, the truck was reported missing on Aug. 6. Two days later, it was found completely empty. There is no word on exactly what shoes were stolen, but the haul include both men's and women's pairs.

An anonymous tip led police to a business in the city of El Monte where close to $900,000 in sneakers were recovered. Detectives are still attempting to account for the rest of the stolen footwear. 

This is not the first instance of large-scale sneaker robbery this year. This past May, $14,000 worth of Nikes were stolen off of a truck in Memphis, and a man in Portland was charged with stealing 800 pairs of Nikes from a local outlet location over a span of three months.