This past week, we got our first look at the upcoming Air Jordan 32—a modern performance model infused with elements of 1986's Air Jordan 2. While it's always important to acknowledge the past, does Jordan Brand rely on its archive too much? That was a topic of discussion on the most recent episode of Full Size Run.

"Jordan needs to forget about the past. Forget about it," says Rich "MaZe" Lopez. "The target demo for kids buying these sneakers nowadays have likely never ever seen Michael Jordan play basketball. They know Michael Jordan as the crying dude on Twitter and Instagram."

Complex Sneakers' Matt Welty thinks there's a reason that Jordan Brand refuses to escape its history—because they haven't displayed much imagination beyond the golden era.

"If we're being honest, outside of a pocket of 10, 11, 12 years, that run, beyond that Jordan Brand hasn't really created great design as a whole," he said.

As expected, the Jordan 32 has received a mixed reaction online. The launch colorway, again calling back to the past and the somewhat fabricated "Banned" story, will release on Oct. 18.

The crew also speaks about the Nike LeBron 15, Hender Scheme x Adidas, Roger Federer x Jordan, Jay-Z supporting Big Baller Brand, Skepta's Nike collaboration and much more in the video above. Visit Facebook to view the full unedited version of this episode and make sure you subscribe to Full Size Run on iTunes for weekly audio.