In addition to the moving pieces, loaded rookie class and off-court drama, one of the most intriguing things about the upcoming NBA season is Nike's official takeover of league-issued uniforms and apparel.

Nike offered an official preview of the new threads in mid-July, highlighting its eco-friendly construction process, which reportedly includes no fewer than 20 recycled plastic bottles worked into each uniform. Another major change is the shift from traditional "home" and "away" uniforms to "Association" and "Icon," along with alternate "Athlete's Mindset" and "Community" themes.

Thus far, the rollout has been slow, but a few teams have already shared their new looks. Teams like the Detroit Pistons and Oklahoma City Thunder pretty much fall in line with what they were doing before, while the Indiana Pacers have taken on a new identity. Take a look at the uniforms that have been unveiled so far below and we'll continue to update as more announcements are made.