The HyperAdapt 1.0, a sneaker that uses Nike's futuristic adaptive lacing technology, will become slightly more accessible soon, with the brand announcing on Wednesday that it plans to launch pairs globally in the coming months. Accompanying that news was the unveil of the "Red Lagoon" colorway, previously seen on the feet of Cristiano Ronaldo. That's not the only new pair in the works, though.

Also floating around, although not included in the Nike News piece on the shoe in the U.S., is this "Sport Royal" pair. The most colorful of the HyperAdapts to date, the sneaker should release in North America on Sept. 30.

Of course, wider releases aside, the HyperAdapt will always be a somewhat inaccessible shoe given the $720 price. Fortunately, Nike has announced that future models from the HyperAdapt line will be more affordable.