Given the rate at which sneaker collaborations happen in 2017, one assumes that it's only a matter of time before Atlanta rapper Lil Yachty gets his own shoe. He's already been pitched by at least one brand: In the latest episode of Sneaker Shopping from Complex, he says Reebok approached him about working together.

"Oh my God, it wasn't—I didn't like it," Yachty says, explaining that the brand wanted to do a boat shoe with him. He doesn't close the door to future projects though, adding that he loves Reebok but just didn't like the idea.

Based on his description, the shoe sounds like a very literal interpretation of Lil Yachty the person, complete with beads hanging off it.

Watch Lil Yachty discuss buying fake Jordans, his affinity for New Balances, and more in the video above.