As one of the most cerebral players in the history of the NBA, there's always a bit more to LeBron James' message than what's seen or heard on the surface.

Earlier today, James took to Instagram to show off his new Cleveland Cavaliers uniform, pointing out that he's getting prepared for "Savage Season 15." But of course, this is LeBron James. So, in addition to providing fans with a look ahead to his 15th season, he may have also offered a first glimpse at his 15th signature sneaker.

While the photo doesn't show much, based on rumblings making rounds in the industry, the shoe James is wearing is likely the Nike LeBron 15. He recently confirmed that the model is "coming soon," so these may be ready for retail back in the familiar October spot, as opposed to last season's delayed January launch.

Not one to be shy about showing off his sneakers on Instagram, James was very careful to not give away too much in this subtle teaser shot. We'll continue to follow the story as the yet-to-be-announced launch date approaches.

LeBron James Debuts the Nike LeBron 15