Buying Jordans is something of a rite of passage for sneakerheads, and many who count themselves in that group have fond memories of the first time they managed to do so. The memory is more recent for young rapper Kyle, who purchases a pair for the first time in the latest episode of Sneaker Shopping.

"I'm not really that into Jordans because I could never really afford Jordans," Kyle says. "I grew up wanting Jordans, but I was just way too broke to actually have them."

He goes on to say that he coveted the Jordan 4s while growing up, but had to settle for Airwalks at the time. In the episode, a childhood dream is finally realized when Kyle buys the "Pure Money" Air Jordan 4.

Watch the video above to hear about Kyle's past as a sneaker salesman, his pick for the best jerkin' shoes, and more.